Antminer S17+ hashboard in A S17pro

Hi guys.

Does Anybody here know if It will be possible to switch out a defekt hashboard in a S17pro with a hashboard from a S17+
The difference in hash is 19th and 25th i believe.

It is not recommended that you use different types of hashboards together. Mixing different types of hashboards will cause the miner to not work properly. Because the miner will not be able to identify the internal data of the mixed hash board. But if you don’t have the extra money to repair or buy a new hash board, you can try this method to see if it works:


Zeus to the rescue again


Thanx. I have a S17+ 76th/s with one hashboard not working, and I asked a supplyer to buy a new hashboard, but he only sold packs of 3 for $800.

And I have the opportunity to buy a S17pro 50th/s with only one working hashboard. Tought maby i would buy that one and just insert the two remsining hashboards, butikker it won’t work propperly i don’t care to😊