Antminer S19 pro - new & need help!

Hi everyone, I’ve got my Antminer s19 pro 110th, connected up and running - but I’m not sure if I’ve gotten it set up correctly.

Here’s what I know:

1) mining pool: Slushpool (pros/cons, good/bad/ugly - would you participate in something else?)
a) I’ve got the miner connected to the pool, but it says it’s disconnected
b) It said the chip state was abnormal so I restarted the miner, and everything was green and good for a few minutes - and then has returned to red/abnormal.

2) firmware: it says it was last updated April 19, 2021
a) I know little to nothing about firmware could you post a link/site/etc on where/how to get smart on this?
b) what firmware should I be using, and could you explain why?

  1. What should I be asking / what am I omitting in this post that would be helpful in trying to troubleshoot this?

Did some research on pools cause I have s19j coming in the mail.

I think Antpool seems like the way to go. You get Price Per Last Number of Shares with 0% fee from what I’ve read. And that should fair well, since they’re one of the largest pools.

I cannot verify its accuracy, but I’ve come across this pool comparison chart: Comparison of mining pools - Bitcoin Wiki

@shaaaaaaaan does this line up with the research you’ve done?

I updated the firmware straight from the bitmain site. Worked great after that. It’s always a good idea to update to the correct firmware to ensure it’s legit. Bitmain