Antminer s19j Pro (100th) - annual reduction in profits?

I am trying to understand what is the % of profitability that is lost per year with s19j Pro? Should I figure that after each year, the returns decrease by 15%, 25%, 50%?

Any help to understand is much appreciated!!

In this industry there are no rules on how much profitability degrades. For example the S9, a machine from 4 years ago, was useless 15 months ago, but today will bring in a profit. The profitability is largely based on transaction fees and the price of the underlying coin, take into account the price of electricity as well as this is your one primary expense when running an asic.

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profitability is based on the current price if it goes up your profit goes up on all coins you have. However if the price drops significantly you lose all profitability on all the coins. Its value is based on current price.

Let say you mine $10 a day and have $1000 in btc in your wallet BTC is $10000 if btc dropped to $5000 you would make $5 a day plus lose 50% value of any btc you had. Now lets say it went the other way and btc pumped to $20000 now you make $20 a day and all the btc you had before doubled

when it dropped your btc wallet value dropped to $500
when it pumped your btc wallet value went to $2000

if that makes sense…

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Got it! So there shouldn’t be a degradation in the hashing rates of the asics themselves…just value of rewards from PoW

I forgot to mention that as more hashpower is added to the network the less each individual miner will earn. Algorithm difficulty will adjust to ensure 10 minutes between blocks.