Antminer s9 problem


I bought an antminer s9 in 2017 but did not start until now. I know its pathetic. :frowning:

Power setting at my garage is 110v and I connected the antimer with PSU (Bitmain Antminer Power Supply APW7 PSU 1800w 110v 220v) . It all started good and the antminer power green light is on, and then there is a sound from the antminer and the power for my garage is tripped at the main power board. I tried to reset the power switch at the main board and restart the antminer but it is not switching on and the power switch is tripping off again at main board. I tried 3 times and every time it happened the same way.

Can someone help me setting this up. If I need to setup 220v outlet , I can do that. Please help me.

If your tripping the breaker your antminer is pulling too much power from your outlet. Simple, get a heavier duty outlet, wiring, and breaker. Since the antminer is 110v and the watts are 1400, your pulling ~12 amps from the circuit. Make sure your breaker is 20amp.

Disclaimer: Iā€™m not an electrician.

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Good answer

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def drawing too much amps for the circuit. best option is to have 240v installed as a dedicated mining supply. You can also disconnect one of the boards from the PSU and disconnect the data cable. That way the miner is only using 2 of the 3 boards and drawing less power maybe around the 900 watts and around 8amps on 110v. Then when you have the 240v ready you can use all the boards.

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