are they for real please is this site trusted can you get ASIC hardware from this side

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Yep, They are real I have got 3 packages and a gift from them, this was 2 months ago !!

I ordered from AntminerFarm on Aug 12 and just learned they dissolved. Does anyone have any suggestions for how I may be able to get my money back?

Did you pay with credit card or crypto?

With USDC. :frowning:
I filed a fraud report with the authorities.
What else can I do?

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Don’t see how that site is real,the site is selling the innosilicon g32-1800,that model is not coming out anytime soon from what i’ve heard. So them selling that model is a scam. Also they are selling the obelisk grn1 series,I spoke with obelisk personally and they said there is no such miner produced and will not produce.

AntminerFarm is most definitely now a scam. Their products are still listed online and on their Facebook page and they happily take payment, then they disappear. They filed their official dissolution paperwork with the UK earlier this year.

Coinpay is their third party payment processor and has blacklisted AntminerFarm. Coinpay will release AntminerFarm’s account and transaction info to the authorities if a viable case begins. So please, if you have unwittingly given AntminerFarm your hard-earned crypto, file your grievance with to start the process. Then go to and file your grievance there as well. If everyone who has been scammed works together, we will not only help each other get the appropriate authorities involved, but we will further legitimize the use and trust of crypto currencies.

Good luck to everyone! I hope we all get our crypto refunded.

Yes, I to was scammed out of $416 worth of BitCoin, I filed a complaint with FBI ! Thanks for the infor, I’m Still in the market for a ASIC miner. What Companies can you recommend and will take VISA?
Dancing Bear

BullShit Company
Total Scam

Which part “bullshit,” DancingBear?