AntPool Merged BTC Mining with NMC

I have been mining BTC for a few months through AntPool, and just realized that you can set up merged mining with BTC to get free NMC (Namecoin). This seems similar to the F2Pool’s merged mining for LTC & DOGE.

I have had a hard time finding a wallet that accepts NMC. So I have two questions. 1) what wallet does anyone use for NMC? 2) is this even worth it? sometimes these free extra coins are meaningless, so I don’t know if it’s worth the work. Thanks!

Good question! I don’r know but HEY YOU OUT THERE ANSWER THIS QUESTION! see what that will do lol.

It looks like the Trezor Hardware wallet is one of the few that allow this coin

I currently have the Coinex Exchange as a way to receive my NMC merge mining with F2pool.

Yes I know that it is reckless and suicidal to even consider mining into an exchange, but for NMC I don’t have any other choice, other than to get a Trezor Hardware wallet… I already have an Ellipal Titan, so I don’t want another hardware wallet.

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But yes, I am currently going to start mining BTC directly into my Ellipal Titan, then merge mine ELA into my Ellipal Titan as well since its suported, then I will merge mine VCASH into the BigONE Exchange, NMC into the Coinex Exchange, and HTR into a HTR Mobile Wallet that I found on the App Store.

Currently on F2Pool you can Merge mine Bitcoin (BTC) and get VCASH, Hathor (HTR), Namecoin (NMC), and Elastos (ELA).

For the Coins I mine to the Exchanges I will exchange them to BTC at the end of each month and transfer them into my Ellipal Titan.


Man, that seems fool proof. Its like taking a rock and skipping it across the water, but at lite speed.

You can’t really trust exchanges now days (Even though they should not be trusted to store crypto period)


Even the “secure” ones are getting hacked now days * cough * Coinbase * cough *