Any ckb wallet suggestions?

I am trying to get a neuron wallet setup, however I never get above 0% synced. I just downloaded the program off of github yesterday, but I’m not having any luck. I am trying to run it on an old windows 10 laptop, so maybe I have an issue there somewhere. Any other ckb wallet suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

I had the same problem. I loaded it up on an old laptop I don’t use for anything else. The inital sync took days to complete. Even now, if I open it it will be at about 98% on open but can take an hour to get itself to 100%. Taskmanager tells me the drive is getting hammered - so if I dont replace the machine I’ll at least to an SSD for it.
About the only other place I can think to put CKB is exchange wallets at Binance or CoinEx - but I spent most of last night getting as much as I can off those. I was mining to Binance then sending it to Nuon evey month to add to the stakeing pool. I have 2 DAO stakes about 15 days apart adn just keep compounding them.
Your best bet is to just make sure the machine isn’t going to sleep - and ignore it for a week. It will finish. It won’t be fast.

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@eeknz Thanks for the input! Yeah, I’m trying to get everything off exchanges, this is the only thing left I need to secure. My disk usage is getting nailed also, I just hate having to leave it unlocked to get it synced.

I use Kucoin for my CKB

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Thanks @Coolhand, I’ve been using but am looking to get it totally off exchange while hodling. A lot of crazy stuff over the past 2 weeks and I’ve been lucky not to get caught in any of it, I don’t want to press luck too much.

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Been using also

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If you can get neuron to work, it’s the way to go!

It’s Ledger Hardware Wallet compatible, Allows you to deposit your CKB to the Nervous DAO, and it’s downloadable history of transactions is fully compatible with Koinly Tax Program.

For CKB, the Neuron Wallet is the only way to go!

Find a way to get it working is my 2 cents.

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@eeknz you weren’t exaggerating, almost at 50% as of now…crazy.

Yeah - My inital sync I restarted a number of times as I was sure it was broken. I just had to wait…