Any infos about K7 Bitmain new KDA miner ? IS KA3 wasted money if Bitmain place K7?

I wanted to buy few KA3 … But i got some infos about Bitmain is planing to place new KDA miner K7 ?

Is that true ? … It seems that KA 3 will be very soon apsolite …

The K7 is a new CKB miner. Here the promo piece they’ve put out there.

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Thanks , frend give me wrong info…

That picture is the stuff dreams are made of. I’m sitting here here thinking how sweet that machine must be.

I really want to get my hands on a few of these

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I’m not very familiar with the coin it mines. Anyone have a quick and dirty rundown of the miner and why it’s a potential good buy? I’m going to the bitmain event tomorrow and I hear they will release the details and have a few for sale.

Seems to me like Bitmain want to once again destory the profitability of another coin and further shut the home miners down by making machines that are not really viable for a home miner to buy of use.
I was expanding my goldshell LBC, CKB, and STC as it seemed like those might get left alone be these “people” (insert the term of your choice)
CKB looks to be off the table now.
However - to aswer the question - here’s what Vosk said a year ago:

Why do you think bitmain is not for home miners? I just order a lower quantity. You don’t need to buy in bulk. There are many resellers that sell 1-2 really strong machines. Take for example the ka3, it was available for around $6300 at launch for everyone and it blows the next competing asic miner out of the water. I think it’s good that there is healthy competition between hardware manufacturers.

We have both KA3 and K7 for sale here, you can contact me for details, the price is very good now!

There is the thread I was meaning to reply to @dannylee808 in.
I got into mining because I could get an LB Box for a few hundered dollars. Then before you know it I’ve got 9 Goldshells of differnet types.
I never would never have got a miner if the entry cost was $2k, let alone $6K. If you convert that to NZD it’s a significant sum.
Then, if I had to find a place in the house for am 80db power hog that requires it’s own circuit to be installed, again, I never would have started.
A miner that requires that mich capital investment and custom wiring in the house isn;t a home miner. Hobbyist miner perhaps, but if it can;t live in your living sapce with the humans, I’m calling it not a home miner.
I have subsequntly got 2 S19’s that live in my detached garage, but the power supply line going to that building is too small to run them both with the other load that;s there so I have to get a new line from the house run. They are not Home miners. They are commercial miners being used at home.
So I’m still soldly beliving that Bitmain are determined to destory the home miners by only making commercial units, that they generally only sell with massive MOQs to scalpers. In doing so, they are rendering the ‘Box’ and 'Mini’s that home miners can afford totally useless due to them saturating the hashrate.
Now if Bitmain came out with a $1000 box than ran under 1000W and under 60db - then they would be encouring the home miner market. In the absence of that - they are here to destroy us as collateral damage in their attempt to destroy Goldshell. That’s where I sit - but I still buy their boxes like an addict…

This totally makes sense. You are right, the electrical needs to have a mandatory 240V 30amp setup for EACH miner essentially makes this not very home friendly.

I have a lot of negative things to say about bitmain except they have the product and their product rules the mining world.

I think the era of ‘efficient’ and ‘affordable’ home mining is over.