Any recommendations

Anybody got any recommendations for a cheap start up into mining , electric rate were I live is 0.22 so something that doesn’t use to most electric and a small profit if possible
my computer has
AMD Phenom 2 X6 1055T cpu
Radeon GPU RX550 4GB
and 16gb Ram
if that helps

I’m a Newbie; but, I’m still going to throw my .02 in here. With a higher kWh rate than average - your’re almost twice my market - you might want to consider just using your system to do CPU/GPU mining using something like Honey Miner, Cudo Miner, or a dedicated software program. I’ve played around with both Honey and Cudo; but, my current computer is a fairly standard all-in-one desktop, and it’s just too week to do much. I’ve had better luck mining with it using Crypto Tab.

P.S. If you’re interested in trying either Honey Miner or Cudo Miner, or using the Crypto Tab Browser, here are my referral links. :blush:

Cudo Miner:
Crypto Tab Browser:

I have referral links in my profile bio not for these links but it is okay to post your referral links

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Thank you, MeatyMouse. I’ve edited my post to include my links. :slight_smile:

Thanks I will have a look at the links

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