Any thoughts on the Obelisk GRN1 and GRN1 Immersion

I’m in talks of gaining one of these and was wondering if anyone had thoughts about these models. I believe its a close model miner cousin to the Innosilicon G32- 500 and G32-1800 models(discontinued(so it says) but out there),only difference is the Innosilicon can also read cuckatoo 32+ as well as cuckatoo 31+. I’m really new to this but been doing like 2-3 weeks worth of research online looking at models,their prices,watchin Vosk videos,Immersion videos,all kinds of stuff,places that brought me here. This place is a prayer sent because alot of avenues I romed came to dead ends. This is a new avenue that speaks my language and has many forks that won’t end for awhile,maybe never.Thanks for yalls time,info,and help.

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