Any tips about mining Zcoin?

I use T-rex Miner with a GTX 1080 on automatic intensity (which puts it to 19.5), I get between 2.2-2.5 mH/s with 70% power limit, +75 core clock and +275 memory clock. Any tips?


Looks like you’ve done a good job so far.

I have a high electric rate so I prefer to set the power level around 60,

Try taking the mem clock down to -500 in increments of 100. Do this with the core clock set to zero. Notice the hash rate and see if you don’t get improvement around -500.

Once you have the mem clock giving you the highest hash rate, try bringing up to core clock until you crash or reach a value of 100 +/- 50 … That’s anywhere between 50-150.

If successful, you won’t achieve the highest hashrate, you will achieve the most efficient one.
That way you’ll save on electricity and keep your GPU’S cooler.

I’ve used T-rex, ccMiner, and CryptoDredge miners with CryptoDredge giving the highest hashrate with the versions at that time. Newer versions are out, so I don’t know if that still applies.

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I am using T-Rex with a EVGA 2060 super. We keep very slight OC settings currently.

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