Anybody heard of moon escrow service?

Looking to buy a KD box for $3000 but the seller wants to use this service on discord, just wondering if anybody heard of the service.


Most likely scam, new boxes from goldshell are more than that.

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I also was led to use this service by a seller I found in the voskcoin discord buy/sell channel.

Is there any chance at all that this service is legit? They want 20% of the deposit I sent, as a fee, to refund my deposit. They state they don’t touch the deposits themselves because they’re escrowed.

Anyone have any input?

Yes they are, I did that and I got my refund

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They are 100%

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This is 100% a scam. Seller contacted me after I posted on Vosk discord looking to buy some miners. They wanted to use Moon Escrow. Being naive, I went along with it. After placing the money on escrow (wallet address: bc1q7cldvstz5th8rwm8kl3q45tz8mfxf3df6znnyw) the funds were almost immediately send to another wallet (address: 1Dnv5h71qmEVJmWXPXaeSAfTRY1zMn56d9) and then ultimately in a Binance hot wallet.

When I confronted the moderator of the “escrow” service, I was told “not to worry, funds are safe, it’s how it works”. After a week of radio silence from the seller and delays “due to the Holidays”, I asked for a tracking number so I could keep tabs on it’s progress. Was told that they “sold for too much of a loss and need another $100”. I told them no, they said they would not ship it if they didn’t get it. Then I told them to cancel the transaction because I didn’t want to pay and was told, by Moon Escrow, that I had to pay 20% cancelation fee to release my funds from escrow. When I asked them to take the 20% from the escrow amount I was told they could not do that because they did not have access to the funds and that they were “only the discord moderator”.

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH EITHER loop#5218 on Discord or use the Moon Escrow discord “service”. It’s a scam.


Happened to me too, I did and got my refund back 100% it’s their protocol

And here we go again @badgerlandcrypto @Krisz just another scammer promoting a scam escrow