Anybody into VGX?

-I’ve just made this account a couple days ago but been watching Vosk for almost a year now. Steady investing into crypto mining - I was using blockfi but I’m in the US and cant make intrest any more! :frowning: welp…

-Voyager is straight up the next best thing that I’ve found as far as high interest from holding coins. Anyway after moving my doge and ltc I have been averaging in to VGX token to raise my rewards and intrest percentages and I finally have adventurer status and now enjoy a $30 in bitcoin referral compared to $25 normally…

BD2B90860 ← my obligatory Voyager referral code :star_struck: :rainbow: $30 in BTC

Ok also the DEBIT CARD! Spend stored USDC just like using a normal card? Then 9% back at the end of the year while compounding the 9% APY rewards on storing USDC in the exchange? seems too good to be true im excited.

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Off topic/On topic comment here.
Looking at the market for VGX, specifically the overall price timeline. I wonder if it will flat line again near the end of 2022 for 2 years until BTC’s next halving. So many factors ‘could’ take effect that my thoughts are very minimal, I understand. But all angles should be considered.

Exiting is always a tough part of a strategy, but it seems to me VGX might have a end date soon and will go into a couple year lull.
And , of course, It could 5x and go upwards for the next 6 years, if the storm’s perfect.

It also appears to me VGX has not scaled to BTC, it looks more like negative 50% scaling from 2017 until now. Meaning It may reach it’s top $dollar$ prices, but those will be worth less and less BTC as BTC grows in value. So from 2017 until now, you would have less BTC than you started with but more $'s, so you would be better of with BTC now (even accounting for staking % rates and APR). But isn’t that the case with every crypto, very few scale past BTC pricing in a meaningful way.

I often joke that most staking options can be bank rolled by taking the staked capital (crypto) > buying BTC > then doing the BTC/Stable flip > then use the profits to buy the token types that are staked to pay off the staker’s. Sad thing is, that is super true because token prices scale to BTC so re-buying the tokens will likely be cheaper than holding them and creates an artificial boom before staking rewards are released. People don’t offer staking options out of the good of their hearts, they do it to use your capital to make profit for them while paying the staker the minimum amount.

Like I started with, this is kind of off topic, just thinking out-loud about the VGX ERC token with a burning declining supply.

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Hey! Thank you for responding!

First I have some questions here:
By “minimal” you mean that you think that VGX will continue to go lower? And in the future - what factors would you personally need in order to go in on the token? And finally, what other options do I really have as far as a high-intrest crypto investing account? Haha really just curious. Seems like youre describing a “rug pull” and while I really don’t want to get rekt by a voyager rug pull, ive made sure to only invest into their token what im willing to lose. bout a grand…:sweat_smile: Enough justification tho.

Second: everything that you said is true about not being the good of their heart… thank you for stating it bluntly as I and many others need to consider that point much more often. Yeah as with most everything in the crypto space there is almost an overwhelming amount of factors and options here. I had not considered the that entire scenario with the artificial boom and re-buy-in. But even if VGX were to go down to less than $1, wouldn’t that scenario encourage even more people to ‘buy into’ their first reward tier (be more likely to buy 500 tokens)? Hopefully for my sake the platform will continue to grow!:smiley:
I really am just trying to get that juicy interest. Some things that you probably already know: the first out of three tiers is for extra rewards begins when you hold 500 VGX in your account then the rewards given out are mostly for VGX holders too, increasing VGX rewards by 7%. At the adventurer tier the interest for all the other coins only goes up .5%, so for BTC from 3.05 to 3.55%. I love earning interest on my DOGE and DOT tokens, DOT is straight up 12% interest. But I don’t really need to have the VGX token I’m more hoping that that will pay off and have a good ROI while padding the interests paid to my other coins. Maybe id be better off taking the money out and investing into another mini doge lol but thats me

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So first let me explain, when I said “minimal” … it’s my slang way of talking. I was not clear enough. I meant to say something like, “with so many factors influencing the price or VGX , my opinion should be taken like a grain of salt, or minimally (just another opinion)”.
In no way do I think VGX is a rug pull, it is not. They have too much invested in the actual company to ever rug pull without lawyers and Cops getting involved.

So dissecting the Token, we could call it a Network utility style token or simply a Exchange Utility Token. Similar to FOX, BNB, KCS, ONE, UNI, SWP, SOLx, CAKE ect ect, A token hosted on a network that represents a exchange. I believe the reason VGX flatlined in the past is directly related to BTC halving cycle (4 years). [ That is it’s own micro topic. Will BTC repeat the performance of the last 2 halving Or has BTC grown enough to drive its own cycles outside of the Halving’s?] . So VGX token’s price is directly related to the amount of trading and company gains on Voyager platform. In-between BTC halving trading slows down and trade volumes fall, very possibly resulting in a decline of VGX price/rewards. [ Will late 2022-early2024 repeat this ??? Meaning, will trade volume on Voyager fall to the point the VGX token declines in price causing sideways movements].

^^So take all of that as opinion. I’m often a negative nelly so my outlook learns towards a defensive stance. Prepare for the worst, be humble when it works out.

I would be remise to try to explain staking options. There is so many options and paths, I’m sure there is always a better one. I actually have a pal I run all my questions/options by. I kind of view staking as a specialized crypto field. Are you a ThorChad? , I find the ThorChain info to be a good approach to understand the complexities of staking and how the gains are made. THOR is just one of many paths, but it is a step into seeing/understanding the big picture. [side note: right now is a great time to get into RUNE/THOR, next month is projected to be big, DYOR on that ]

Cheers Friend. Happy Adventures :slight_smile:

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Check out Ember Financial. They are like a mutual fund for crypto. The defi fund is spread over 10 different defi tokens/exchanges to reduce the risk and the amount you need to invest. The interest rate varies minute by minute but is currently around 50% APR. They only accept deposits in BTC in $US value. They have 4 other funds available, metaberse, NFT, Bitcoin defense, big 3 ( btc, eth ,ltc), and the yield invested in yield farming only paying 2% APR.


amazing. thank you.

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Man I am unhappy with vgx lol I’m grateful that I didn’t invest too much into it and I’m still hopeful for the future but I’m down bad on this one!
Still a good place to hold coins but I feel bad for the early investors of this coin wow!

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I want to hit you with a semi-off topic idea.
To explain a little first, I’m not into staking and Defi. I study it, take video courses and I even try to not sound as negative as I feel towards the topic. Staking gains are made through Usury, one of the exact concepts Satoshi has sighted as being a large problem in the modern worlds fraction reserve banking system. I am bias.

That said.

An alternative I like to use instead of staking is Kucoin grid bots (or any grid bot). In a perfect world I close out each day with only BTC and Stable tokens. That rarely happens but the theory is the same, I don’t want to hold ALTs for longer than I need as the risk associated is too great.

Staking runs the risk of IL (impermanent losses), basically meaning the declining price of a token has declined to the point that even with staking rewards you are still at a loss, overall and within the timeframe of the terms of your stake. With grid bots, you capitalize on any movement of said token/coin, meaning any movement (up or down) will net Grid Profits. Of course a good market means everything. But I feel the same amount of capital either staked or Grid’d would net a lot more over time on a Grid Bot but would require more work. But when the market goes south, you are left holding stables or BTC, not a declining token that you are locked into which is only hinged off of BTC anyways.

I know I’m bias, so this is just sharing ideas/info . Just something to think about or consider. The main reason I find myself staking and creating NFT/art series is so I can technically explain why they suck, LOL.

Kadiyana I really appreciate the time you take to type this out. I’ve heard of bots but the ones that I see on the internet all seem like scams. I think i might be susceptible to this kinda scams so I just tend to ignore info the info im bombarded with and the people adding me on insta or the adds that I see for bots on reddit for example - but here i cant wait to look into this more. im at work presently hehe
ty so vm

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