Anybody know anything about Fastminers and the K-300?

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I can’t say much but this doesn’t make me want them


I didn’t even know…but I what I do know is I’m glad I don’t twitter.

I’ve got a joke about twitter that isn’t clean, I think it’s funny and I imagine it would offend someone.
Anywhoo, thanks for the T.

Best to let others be the Alpha testers on the K-300.

We’ll see if Fastminer delivers on time and see if the miners live up to what they are advertising.

They are working on a K-100 (suppose to be like a KD Pro box but at 1/3rd of the price) and a K-500. Supposedly the K-100 will be available around November…

If considering Fastminers, may want to start with the K-100 for less risk.

Right now even at the reduce price for the K-300, probably be better off buying the coin instead…

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most people ive heard from (on the internet) have said good things as a customer of fastminer. however they have been kind of bitchy to vosk, and seem kind of petty. At the end of the day, you should make decisions on whats best for “you”. But i would stay away from them (im biased as im into this community a bit much).

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Tactical investing just released a review.

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that guy is good with stocks, with crypto he doesnt know what he is talking about.