Anybody mining on the Filecoin Testnet?

Hi, is anybody mining on the filecoin testnet, if so what is your configuration you mining on, and the results ?

hi im runing 2x servers, 1 config start up 30min ago still need cofing to runing 2x 10 core cpu,768gb memory , 2x 512gb ssd, 2x nvidia 1060, 92tb hdd, 2 config 8 core, 192gb mem ,2x 512 ssd, 1x 1060 gpu, 50tb hdd. 2 config have sealed 13tb. some bentch results

seal: addPiece: 23.301141108s (43.9 MiB/s)
seal: preCommit: 35m12.188289545s (496 KiB/s)
seal: commit: 35m7.261326445s (498 KiB/s)
seal: verify: 163.350239ms

how fast can store data

unseal: 7m57.191085251s (2.15 MiB/s)

how fast can deliver data

generate candidates: 13.063559ms (76.5 GiB/s)
compute epost proof (cold): 37.324017752s
compute epost proof (hot): 30.293600465s
verify epost proof (cold): 44.748206ms
verify epost proof (hot): 16.236796ms

how fast can proof data

./bench --sector-size=1073741824

how much data testing

its completely different between gpu mining is not plug and play not easy operating and cos much more of made 6x gpu rig. plus no actually profit per tb until fully start main net. i have discussed with alot miner from different region some of owners have 50k usd worst epyc miners provide 5-10x more power of my beginner minimum setup some have even 10pib of storage miners but i can say only one thing to run filecoin need huge power machines with high config most need to considering about machine speed not in storage, for example you need considering how fast miner can seal 1tb as most miners with one i talk 0.8tb seal in 24h some lower config miners 0.8tb seal a week more machine provide power for seal more high profit you will get but is everything about $$$ to fully running filecoin will not enough like 1000-2000$ need much more, i pay for 768gb memory 2600usd not including other stuff

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Holy crap…
Those specs are ridiculous.
I mine Storj and use a Raspberry Pi4

That’s like the difference between cpu mining (storj) and asic mining (filecoin). I made over $900 in a year on a pi power consumption vs massive server costs and consumption. Long past my ROI.

What are projected monthly payouts with specs like that?


Hi, I have a Pi4 lying in my drawer. Are you able to help me set it up. I’d Ike to make it useful. Thank you

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How did you set up your Pi4 ?

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file coin is not for asic miner.second nobody know exactly how much will be profit as no yet real filecoin in market. second on mainnet after running on need 100tb of power to mining block. people with one talking whey spend over 50k and more usd to prepare for mainnet. fallow iou and future coin with my setup i shut earn around 400eur per month

power usage 200watt difference between my 6x rx580 and server. server use less power. to mining fil not enough just simple server as need also gpu minimum nvidia 1060 or better, not all servers have enough spaces to install like 2080, recommended pc server, epyc cpu, from 192gb to 2tb ram,100tb hdd,512gb nvme, 1x or more 2080 gpu settup can cost around 50000usd. to use raspberry or any pc are not possible. plus in any case your gpu miner stop you dont lost nothing fixed problem and mining again on fil if you server down, no internet no power hdd fail or another reason you need pay from your pocket penalty to start mining again after fixed problem or it will be taked from you fill balance also it possible going to negative balance untill your device back to online. something similar will be with eth staking you losing your eth till 0 for any stops

Headless raspbian
Storj has a solid docker image
USB 3.0 hard drive caddie with a 10TB NAS hard drive (Ironwolf)

1 Like has an easy to follow docker image install instructions for arm devices.
Youtube videos too is a great resource

They also have Windows, macOS, and Linux dockers and exe versions

He’s not saying filecoin is mined with ASICs, he’s saying the investment is similar when compared to storj