Anymore mini-doge drops in the future?

Just started myself off with some mini-doge miners that I overpaid for. I would love to dollar cost avg some more on a new future drop at MSRP prices.

Any new drops coming up in the future?

Hello, and Welcome. Go over to GoldShell they actually have some miners for sale, and as they are factory direct the prices…eh well the prices are the prices.

Kinda funny, the video posted yesterday said he was looking to do a September run. I would love to pickup multiple boxes @ $700/box

I have been trying to randomly add it to cart for about two months and it will say 404 error or takes me to another product page list.

Ya me to. I did however pick up 8 kd Box’s. already have four of the special addition boxes, but one clonks around like they stuffed it with a brick to get the order off. lol…I think.