Anyone bought an ETCMC Node and thoughts on it?

Hi, I wondered if anyone had bought an ETCMC Node and their thoughts on it?

Is it Crypto only for purchase, I usually prefer Paypal / credit card etc :wink:


I would like to bump this please

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I got 2 digital download versions as I run Hyper-V servers in data centres and they can sit on there happily without any problems. So far just 2 in 2 locations. Haven’t tried more than one in a single locaion. Port forward isn’t required, although Rabid indicated it’s a good way to make it find peers. I had problems on the first one but rebooting fixed it right up.
It’s only 14 days in so I can’t say too much more just yet.
You have to pay in ETCPOW for the digital download.
You really need Metamask as they require an NFT for memership access and Metamask makes that easy. Seems Hebeswap is about the only place to swap ETC for ETCPOW - but it’s very easy.
Membership is an extra cost, but it gives you higher returns.


I have 28 I have 28 mini pc trigkey units g4s from Amazon at ave price off $149 all together with some I got used of eBay. The ones on Amazon are new with Win 11 and 16gb ram and 512ssd (you have to have an ssd) if you have a 4 core 4 thread CPU with 8gb ram or 256ssd you can run this or on a laptop or mini-pc you have. The lifetime license is $249 in etcpow (etcmc node) so use hebeswap to swap etc classic for etcpow. Don’t buy the pre-built ones from the site in they are fine but take 5 weeks. Get the above from Trigkey Store on Amazon in 2 days max in USA. (Black Friday they are $136) for above 16gb 512ssd. Or use your own laptop or mini-pc with specs. They come with Win 11. You buy from Amazon TrigKey STore and arrives in 2 days. The total price is about (or for me anyway) about $400 a mini pc. So currently at today’s price of $1.80 for ETCPOW on and making 13.5 ETCPOW per day…that is PER UNIT at today (Thaksgiving) is at the $1.80 price per token of $24.30 per unit. I have 20 of 28 up. With 6 of them built units that took 5 weeks (order #6x) before they had the build your own download option. The 22 above I paid ALL the $249 licenes with JUST the mining of etcpow so far. I plan on cashing out to ETH Classic anb then to BTC on the all the hardware after. To have FULL ROI in licenses and BTC as a base. This will happen at these prices or a bit below 2nd week in December. So do the math 28 x 400 a month x $1.80 if the price held or above (iffy) These are ethernet classic nodes…called ETCMC Nodes to get rewards instead of unpaid nodes. They are not miners as such. In THEORY that is $20,160 a month for my 28 when I get them all up. NOTE: This will ‘not’ hold…but look at the risk? You get a Trigkey G4 mini-pc and the license $400 about. The electric is 10 watts per unit. Comes with Win 11. Not like an ASIC that becomes a brick. On these you can flip this on ebay used sales someday. Can run in background with no resources on an existing 4 core 4 thread laptop with minimum specs above (I type on this as we speak) On the license cashing out daily that is IF you have a compatible machine about a 20 day ROI. I got into this for my usual ROI of 9 months lo-watt toys…and it went full HELIUM mass pump. So to say I’m killing it is an understatement. Vosk needs to DM me and make a video on this. Also they have NFT and staking options (where you don’t give you keys away to stake) So ‘obviously’ no one is selling their ETCPOW. Looks a lot like the Helium Boom/Bust but it is early. Still under 1K of etcmc nodes. At above 1k etcmc nodes the payout drops 20% per day to 10.8 ETCPOW a day per unit. So jump in. Compared ot insane risks I used take on ASICs this is just so easy. After 2nd week in Dec 2023 and full ROI I will have to re-access…check out FB Group ETCMC Node Miners. But again, even if coin drops to like 10c and you ROI on this…eventually…that is still at say 10.80 etcpow a day or $1.80 a day or in my case (full ROI) $50.40 as it reverts back to the say 5 month ROI…which STILL is not bad. The site for licenes is Vosk send me a DM on this…if you need infor. IF you do so folks, buying a Trigkey unit above or using existing unit that makes spec…both will need the $249 license. I’d ROI at first. So you just buy either 1) buying licenses every 10 days with your etcpow mining profits for another unit or ROI or just cash out to ETC Classic to say BTC for the hardware as such on an exchange like Coinbase.No reason if it is a Helium too much equip bubble…so be it. But ROI first is my advice with either more units and mine licenses (buy with etcpow) and/or off shoot the hardware costs to a BTC or a coin of your choice on your exchange. Call it real ROI and re-access when your unit or units do ROI> Off to put up win 11 Trigkey Node #21…you get damn sick of win 11 installs (included in Trigkey units) :slight_smile: Vosk DM me for a heads up of what I’ve found if you want to do a video on this as such. But I mean really, 10 watts? Also a mini-pc you can use/flip or use your own? Hard part was limiting myslelf to 25 and 3 laptops to look around after real ROI…just to see what is what then. Good luck. Check out the ETCMC DIscord Group or the Facebook ETCMC Node Miners Group. Redirecting...