Anyone buy from

Hey everyone!! Just curious has anyone bought anything form unigrade? I have looked at all the different sites for reviews and it seems that they have an overall good rating. They do accept Visa cards. I just noticed that some of their prices are quite a bit below some of the manufacturers MSRP and it threw up some red flags. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.

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seems kinda sketch. i wouldnt order any backorders since they might make you wait forever then when its to late you wont get a refund. but as long as you pay with a credit card you have some protection. one test is a lot of scam sites will offer credit card services, but then they will say there is some error and you will have to pay with crypto. also its addresses are impossible to verify if they are actually there unless you can walk there

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I will let you know, I ordered a back ordered s19xp hyd and it should be shipping in the next 2 weeks. I read good reviews in a lot of places so I guess we will see. Like an idiot I sent BTC to get a better price but now I’m not having good feelings about it.

Seems pretty sketch, can you keep us posted. I don’t think they’re legit their pages on business review sites are flooded with fake reviews. half of them have fake stock photos and have only reviewed the unigrade site

Yeah I opted out. I think they are paid reviews. I hope for the best for you man. Please keep us updated. The “warehouse” they have listed is a fake, I do know that.

Two days ago the website, was deactivated. I sent around $8,000 in BTC to this fake company for their advertised Antminer S19 Pro+ Hyd 255 T/H pre ordering. I had four orders total stretching throughout all of 2023, 3 pre order 30% deposits and 1 full order for the advertised $5200 price (I should have known better).

Before this happened, I considered myself above average at being able to detect scams, but this website was VERY well done and easily passed for a real company (chat agents, excellent English, very well put together ordering system and automated email confirmations). Thinking back, however, I do remember one red flag in that there was only 1 page or so of Google hits that directly related to the company. I see now that almost all of these google hits are from third party websites (scam detectors, etc) that are easily manipulated by bots/fake accounts.

Now I’m in trouble because I had carefully laid out plans to start my own mining operations and I’m behind schedule, under supplied, and over budget. On that note, has anyone successfully purchased and received the S19 XP Hydro? If so, from where? Right now I’m looking at the Vosk recommended Miner Bros and also looking at Asic Marketplace. There’s also but I suspect that their price does not include import tariffs and duties (which right now are quite high due to the China trade war).


I see one other user here was scammed, is there anyone else out there? Whoever did this is not your average scammer, could be a team of people or just one very smart and dedicated person. I didn’t detect a single English grammar error on their site so I’m suspecting that this is an American or European scammer. I’m holding onto the hope that someone out there will be able to find out who did this and bring them to justice and maybe even be able to recover some of the funds (Although it seems unlikely at this point).

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Use @badgerlandcrypto hes a reliable seller. Do not use asic mining value there scam site on there. And don’t just look at site google the shit out of who ever you buy because that seller u bought from has been know to be a scam. If u think your getting a deal it’s a scam. And on another note the hydro must be powered but the ant box if not all warranty are gone


Yep they scammed me too for about $5,100

This website is back up. Beware, confirmed scam.

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I had ordered from, received my order today! they have store in Hongkong
After seeing the above reviews and analyzing both sites. I think copied this hongkong store to make that site and run google adds!

Any more updates on this site? Are people receiving their order? It seems ideal for people in uk in terms of delivery so would be great if this wasnt a scam…

Placed an order in February 2023. Have not received unit or a refund. Refund process requires me to give them the “Seed Phrase” for my crypto wallet. BUYER BEWARE! Followed up on status of order with Unigrade in May (3 months after order). Response was “Your order arrived from the manufacturer (In April). Due to high demand, the time for sorting and shipping of the orders may take an additional few days. So, we will provide you tracking number as soon as possible”. I have never received a tracking number. Folllowed up in August 2023, received the following response " We would also like to take this opportunity to apologise for any inconvenience caused to you. Your backorder(s) has been cancelled by manufacturer, to receive a refund, please fill out REFUND REQUEST form…"
Refund request requires that I supply my crypto wallet SEED PHRASE, which I will not reveal as it hands them access to my wallet. I have now emailed them two more times as well as tried to use their Chat Bot. No response form any of these efforts. Also the phones are not manned.

I’d avoid this site like the plague. The site is no longer up. The credentials don’t check out. I’d also not trust anyone promoting it. Stick with the OG’s of Voskcoin’s advice for reputable resellers.