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What’s up everyone…Here’s the quick Dealio…
I found Voskcoin from another Youtube Channel and just kind of going down the rabbit whole…but long story short…I am not new to Crypto, but for sure to mining…I’ve got a couple of Wallets and what not…but i want to start mining right away…I read a post here that says with 180 of these RX580 cards I can net 1k a month clear…so i figure that at about 25k investment that’s a clear 1k after bills a month? I want to give that a go…my only issue is that I am a physical learner…I can do the mining part, computer part, set up, everything…I just need to be taught it in person…Is anyone in the So Cal area that would be willing to train/teach me? I could pay for your time/go in this together…I’m open to a few different ideas…I just have a very difficult time learning from reading on a computer…
any help would be fantastic…I actually understand Voskcoins videos fantastically…but i want to go with a big set up out of the gate…I have a industrial area where i’d like to put this as well…and also, anyone know of any areas where i can get this product asap? Thank you!

Best wishes all!

joshisanderson at ouuuuuuutlook dooot com <—not sure if you still have to do it like this?

not worst build huge farm as your 1k profit soon can down to couple hundred profit

here is compare 20x rx580 vs 20x nvidia rtx 3080. 1x 580 cost around 100-200usd per card rtx 3080 600per card. let say you pay 200 for 580 20x= 4000, 20x 3080 = 12k profit double.roi 580 around 7 month 3080 10month.

before invest think what you mine after eth shut down? let say you dont watch eth for mining, second profitable coin etc, for 580 profitable second coin only one right now is etc, rvn not profitable on 580 you get profit around 0.10 for 6x 580, for 3080 etc or rvn
in photo show how much you earn profit and how much pay electric 0.10kwh

plus you dont need invest 25k to get 1000usd profit or buy 180x r580 enough buy 20x 3080 and your profit over 2k after eth shutdown you still shut earn around 1k. to build rig you need 4x rig 6x gpu per rig total 24gpu, 4x h81 pro btc,4x celeron cpu,4x 4gb ram, 6x 1600wat psu 3x asic s9 psu for risers,24x riser. cost around 4-5k, plus 10-15k for gpu and 100 for mining os per year, in mh opinion if i need to choice between r580 and 3080 with 25k 100% im buy 3080

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I know you like to learn from soneone teaching you, but i urge you to look at this and there is many such material out there. There is also youtube video of step by step build from a lot of good youtubers ours truly included.

nice step by step - personal choice for me:

Thanks for the replies all…They are helpful…and actually having a conversation this way is helpful also…
after watching some videos and reading some more like on Redit (no account there)… I realized that i can not mine for Bitcoin with my aformentioned Build…and as our friend in the second or third comment had mentioned…It would be a “massive” or “large” build…so what about a Bitcoin Mining operation? In terms of electricity…i would never say “oh i dont care about that” but the point is; i work at a manufacturing facility that is a 24 hour plant…lucky for me, i have an area that is at about 72 degrees controlled where i have space to (pretty big) to play in…without issue…all that said, it could potentially one day be an issue…so i’d like to keep that in mind.
I want to move quick on this, when i have something in mind; i want to go…or else i get off of it…one of our friendly repliers in this thread said “about 100 for mining software”…that is also a part where i am stuck…right now i have a coinbase wallet…i am VERY VERY leary of the “pooling” type mining that i am “assuming” can be risky…i’d like to be very private and mine and have it go straight to my wallet in coinbase…is that possible? what platform do we suggest for this?

Thanks friends!
best wishes for the weekend!

anyone is so cal btw?

Not in So cal.
You can try some of the pools that auto deposit to your wallet if you want. I use 2miners for my eth mining and have it auto deposit into my binance account. I also use SMOS on my rig so its easy for me to change algo’s when i want.
I have used 2 miners for Eth and rvn; flypool for Zcash .

Does anyone do like solo mining or does everyone pretty much do pool mining only?

solo not worst as pool pay more of solo mining, for example if you wanna go solo mining you need 20000mhs to found block per day in 1 month you mining 16 blocks or 46eth if your miner stop even for 10min you can lost your block and your earning will down on pool with same 20000mhs you earn around 300usd less and plus if your miner go off you not loose much as solo mining. also pay 100 per year is very cheap as earning 2232 usd per month 2132 in your pocket and 100 pay for full year i dont see nothing bad. and yes almost all pools can pay straight to your wallet but is not recommended as some exchange company after transaction change your wallet address or time to time so you will lost your money if happen like this , you need to have wallet for mining. i mining eth directly to wirex wallet as im not holding eth i spending but bitcoin and other coins i have separate wallet for mining and holding its call cold storage no access to internet at all even do transfers device dont have access to internet or direct connection to any device vea cable

what do you guys this about this set up? I can buy it for 6,000$ USD

  • Motherboard: ASRock H110 Pro BTC+ Intel for Cryptocurrency Mining (BTC) Motherboard takes up to 13 Video cards.

  • Power Supply: EVGA SuperNOVA 220-T2-1600-X1 1600W ATX12V / EPS12V This power supply can take up to 7 video cards and its amazing

  • SDRAM: ADATA Z1 8GB (2 x 4GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3000 (PC4 24000)

  • Case: Thermaltake Core X9 Black E-ATX Stackable

  • SSD: SanDisk SSD Plus 120GB Internal SSD – SATA III 6 Gb/s, 2.5”/7mm – SDSSDA-120G-G26

  • GPU: GeForce® GTX 1070 WINDFORCE OC 8G (rev. 1.0) X 7cards.

  • Ethernet adapter over WiFi: TP-LINK TL-PA2010KIT AV200

  • CPU: Intel Pentium G4620 3.7 GHz Dual-Core LGA 1151 Processor

  • Fan: MassCool Case Fan X 8

  • PCI-E to SATA adapter :PCIe Dual Chip PCI-E 16x to 1x Powered Riser Adapter Card

  • Kill A Watt EZ Meter

  • Logitech Keyboard and Mouse K120

  • Insignia 32 inch TV

  • ethOS 64-bit linux OS Mining software OS ready and downloaded on a USB.

  • Windows 10. Installed

  • Nice Hash Beta software for Bitcoin mining and many other softwares for different kinds of Cryptocurrency. I can teach you on all of them.

I mined different kinds of cryptocurrencies on it including but not limited to: Bitcoin, ZCash, Ethereum, Ethereum classic, Sia Coin.
The total Hash power is 200-220 MHash/s

just get a rig from mining cave. they will sell you a cheaper rig and has all the above. you may need a monitor/cheap tv and a $20 keyboard mouse combo. you can get that for 5 k or less.
I priced one with mining cave for 5700 XT and ultimately just decided to upgrade my existing one for abt 600$. I am waiting on 3080’s to flood the market next month.

overpriced you can build less of half price rig with 193.5mhs or around 3000usd 387mhs rig with completely new gpus not used