Anyone have a Bobcat for sale?

My town doesnt have any miners yet. Im not trying to wait 6 months or get scalped on ebay. Only trying to purchase one from someone reputable. I might buy a few if they are a fair price.

Sorry to say but your only option is to wait months to receive one or pay triple the price and get it quick. There are other helium miners out there that’ll work just as well from what I gather. I’d say order the bobcat directly while keep searching for an alternate seller who can ship it immediately for a good price

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Has anyone used Are they legit?

I have a new in box BobCat. I paid $1300 on ebay for it and did not end up using it.

Looking to sell as my friend decided not to host it at his house.

NO! This is not a legit site. The MNTD hotspot is not available through retail. The website you should be referring to is not

I’ll pass thanks though. I was trying to see if i could get one under what i can get them on ebay for. At that price range id probably be better off getting one of the free ones that you only end up getting like 25% of the profit on.

Ty for that!

I have 4 Brand New Bobcats for Sale. Never Used.
$850 w/shipping included.