Anyone have a c1 pro?

To cut a whole story short,I need a picture of the top where the fan and circuit board connectors are,I thought my fan was dead but turned out that the grill must have smashed to the fan during shipping and keeping it from spinning, I went to replace the fan and found out about all of the above,but might have mixed wire connectors. My friend was talking to me and I wasnt paying attention when I pulled second wire harness out,I then noticed a 3rd slot with no harness. I tried back and forth,one way it seems it dont hash,the other my c1 pro is hashing at 6400+,its only suppose to be around 2980…this is main problem,the tank gets real hot,it never got this hot when fan wasn’t working. Short story turned long,dam,sorry. All in all I need a pic showing this!

Fish tank was almost to hot to touch,shut it down and let cool down with fanned radiator and still pumping.,Might have to add 2 or 3 more radiators. But like I said before,It nv ran this hot…might have to pull back out n see if fan jammed again. Knowing is its plugs are right will make me feel safer.