Anyone have any info on Aladdin Miners?

Hello everyone!

Does anyone have any info on the Aladdin Miners?? They offer them at Coin Mining Central and after analysing different options they seem to be the most profitable because of the low initial investment. This seems a little too good to be true and I haven’t been able to find a whole lot of info on them. Appreciate any help.


Never heard of them. Likely a scam…beware…any miners you can get NOW with the chip crisis is ‘suspect’ they are all sold out…and no reason for vendors to sell them when they can fill up their own data halls instead…but as far as I know there are ‘potential chips’ for the big sales by bitain in fall or winter…and others…but NOTHING now…everyone is playing catchup and buying used equipment. For example, I heard that has bitmain miners at like 40% above stock price…so even the legit places are gonna overcharge…so anybody who says they can get equip (less voskcoin telling you) is likely a scam or there would be a thread on here or discord or bitcointalk on the ‘hype’ of something coming out…so just saying beware.

Aladdin miners aren’t a scam just small scale. Coin mining central don’t sell no existent miners so I think your pretty safe. The reason most avoid is because of the use of an electricity slot (especially if us based) for such a small return when a bigger return for the same outlet could be achieved. In the US the Amos needed to run these means nearly everyone runs out of outlets or amps soon


Still Dubious…beware of ANY site saying they have miners for sale…there is a ‘chip-crisis’ don’t ya know :slight_smile:

I have one. 30 TH Aladdin. Like 2 S9’ s stick together. Works fine. Can’t remember where I bought it. Maybe Amazon. I think buying 2 old S9’s might be cheaper, but S9’s are 5 years old …