Anyone have experience ordering from

Thanks in advance. Looking for some lite coin/doge miners. Wondering if others have had a good experience with

I searched this site and didn’t see any confirmation.

I accept credit card and have some l7 for sale

Are you with

No. Gpu gold llc.

Since you recently joined and crashed this thread, does anyone know about GPU gold LLC as well.

I didn’t think anyone had L7s yet so hard to believe

They are not in hand.

Feel free to read about the current issues going on and seize the opportunity that I’ve presented including a safe credit card payment

Is this a joke? Or did you mistype the url? That site sells metal detectors, scales, shovels, rock crushers, and equipment for real mining - like mining DIRT. LOL

I’ve been gold prospecting many times over the years and I can say some days it pays more than my miner! lol

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Sorry updates the post

What is a good shovel lol!

Well their prices are a little too good to be true. $3,500 US for a LT5? KD5 for $6,900? No way! Totally bogus.

If no one has had experience with them I would agree with you.

Any thoughts on sourcing a Innosilicon A6+ LTCMaster or equivalent? I’ve got space to build out and want to start with a proof of concept.

After looking why buy from the manufacturer when you can get those prices. If you find out they are legit please message me!

I have kd5 avail for 39k usdt, it will take 10-14 days. Yes this is legit. Yes I’m aware of the out of touch market currently.

No experience with but i found some dissuasive stuff just with a simple google search…

Thanks, I was hoping it was a good source but think I already knew the answer