Anyone have much experience with noise reduction?

there’s the upstream data, DIY, “black box”

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I’ve built them out of corrugated plastic sheets from the hardware store and sound deadening foam from Amazon, some insulated dryer ducting works great to bring the hot air outside as well.

I like that black box design, probably one of the better ideas out there. Might even be able to improve on it with some sound engineering and trying different dampening materials.

Should also note, the bolt on silencers are not effective and will tend to cause you to overheat, so be cautions with those.

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I’ve heard immersion mining is a huge reduction in noise.

Personally I have made a DIY Blackbox, and 3D printed shrouds and put exhaust fans on miners. The Blackbox is good and brought my L7 down to 65Db but if you do not have it 100% sealed between the hot side and the cold side then it can get hot inside there quickly. From memory even though I did have mine sealed, the temperatures would rise 1 degree per day just from the miner itself. So it was fine in winter but when spring rolled around I took it out, I used a broken chest freezer and also added acoustic foam but that didnt make a difference considering it was already insulated. I defs prefer hooking up exhaust fans because I can put a dust filter on it to keep it clean and can overclock it, and also the sound is much quieter if you get a quiet fan, I think the AC infinity fans are under 50Db. I’m also looking at getting a Fog Hash immersion cooling tank so I am looking forward to that, in terms of sound I think that will be the best, not that it’s an issue for me but when I get it I will post the sound results. Hey @live4soccer7 sorry if you’ve already answered this but what’s the sound like on your unit? Cheers

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