Anyone have thoughts/experience with the NVIDIA P106-100 line?

I’ve noticed some of these going what seems relatively cheaply and was curious about why. Is there an expectation that the 6 GB isn’t going to be adequate too much longer? Or, is it just the complete lack of functionality other than as mining devices? Anyone been running some of these for a while and have any issues with them?

I have bunch of msi p106-100. They run stable and no issues.
Eth 22-24mh/s.

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I found something that might be relevant lol


video is a little dated but still relevant and as always makes sense, basically if you can get them for a much better price than the equivalent its worth it but if the savings aren’t big enough it isn’t worth losing out on the features making it easier to use and resell

Yea, I’m just curious because I’ve seen about 3 pre-built 9X P106-100 rigs for sale from like $500-$750… which seems like they might be a good deal… but, also seems like people are trying to GTFO from using them which makes me wonder, lol.

I know thatsome people are able to customize those cards too like make the 4 gb 8 gb by changing BIOS I just saw it in the Minerdude video vosk did on the riserless motherboard and also nerdgearz used to have an upgraded version of the p106 but i forget what was special about those

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