Anyone Having K1POOL Issues?

Is anyone else having issues with K1POOL mining ETC/ZIL using an iPollo v1 Classic? It seems like the pool is kicking me out almost daily after mining OK all day. My V1 Classic is mining just fine and it reverts to (my back-up pool) and is showing shares at the pool there, but K1POOL (my primary pool) shows 0 H/s and no shares.

Any thoughts, help or suggestions? Am I the only one experiencing this? I’ve reached out to K1POOL customer support but get no response.

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I had a bunch of V1 Minis on K1 and they ended up on the Ezil backup so often I just caved and set it to Ezil as a primary.

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Disappointing. K1 does a much better job on ZIL payouts than ezil but the erratic connection and unreliability is making me rethink it. I wish someone from would get back to me with an explanation / remedy.

Hi Guys. I am still dual mining ETC/ZIL on K1Pool with a V1 Mini SE Plus and several V1 minis.

Are you all using port 3822? I believe that it is earmarked for iPollos. Copied below is my current config and hashing screens. Hope this helps!

Forgot to add that I’m using iPollo firmware v0.80.115


@rmonk7 Yes I am using port 3822 and have been since I started mining on K1POOL 13 days ago. I’m also running the same firmware version - I had upgraded briefly to a later firmware version but was having issues with it so I dropped back to 80.115.

anyone try etc zil mining on f2pool yet?

Not yet. I started out on and tried Crazypool briefly, but it was down for hours at a time. Went back to until I saw a video from Rabid Mining suggesting K1POOL as the better alternative due to lower pool fees. He was right – K1POOL is better for Zil but the erratic performance and regular disconnection from the pool has me concerned.