Anyone heard of this?

Looks questionble. Almost got scammed by a fake bitmain website as well.

If you want a bobcat you need to do 1 of 2 things:

  1. Buy direct from the manufacturer. The wait is going to be 20+ weeks.

  2. Buy from a scalper on eBay. You’ll pay alot, but you’ll get it within a few days.


Yes sir, depending on the price It will take longer to pay off but I’ll have it! Scalpers lol

I am not a scalper as you guys seem to accuse everyone of being. I brought off ebay 4 weeks ago a qualinty of 3. I ended up only using 2 of 3. I post the one I didnt use at $1300 just to get back my investment on it. That is not scalping someone just trying to resell the device. I did the preorder and I did not want to wait until Feb 2022. I have my 2 running and making HNT. $300 USD in 30 days so far between the 2.

As to the website above… it is a scam. They are hosting with NameCheap and that web domain is becoming the number of scam host site as they take BTC on payment and require no verification of who you really are.


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Sounds reasonable :wink:
So, when your “pre-order” arrives in Feb. 2022 directly from Bobcat, will you be letting that one go too for the original price of (around) $500 just to get your investment back? In that case, put me on the waiting list now :+1:

it was actually about $550 if I remember right… I will be surprised it arrives Feb 2022… wish I can cancel the order but I see others have tried and no response from Bobcat on the DisCord to this issue.

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Yikes - I placed my order in June, so hopefully soon… Who knows…

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Reselling at at greater than 2:1 cost is considered scalping.

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At that website ?

Thank you for the information. Excellent. Also, regarding your HNT miners. You are in a densely populated area? And how many are around you. I know they have to be a set distance apart to work efficiently. I plan on getting a second and setting it up at a friend’s house.

Nope, sorry - was referring to the official Bobcat website… As far as I can tell not even my Ali vendor from China can get Bobcat miners quicker, so it’s either Ebay or their official site to buy from…

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Selling at what I paid for it is considered trying to break even… I paid $1300, I will ask $1300… if I try to sell at eBay price today I see some at $2000… I even have a eBay account… but the fees and tax sucks.

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Ali vender? And yes… if you order through the bobcat website you will be waiting till Jesus returns lol. I’d rather pay a little more outta pocket. And supplement debt I owe through 9-5 while miner works. A buddy o mine just got one operation as well. We love in a small rural town. I wanna lock it all down!!

I’m about to buy one off there

Do not put two on the same IP address and the same house. They will catch it with the RSSI and SNR

The Helium Network shut down one of my BobCat transmit ratio until I moved it to my exwife house and transferred the device to her wallet. It is now back to 1.0 transmit ratio.

Yes sir, I am going to have separate IP addresses. All these terms you use I am unaware of :joy: gotta catch up. There are 2 miners in my area at the moment. My buddy owns one. Then with mine that will make 3

Not trying to say you specifically are scalping. Just generally speaking. You paid scalper prices and are trying to recoup what you paid.

Wish you luck in selling the miner.

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Or get a new friend that does not think the gov is listening in on these network devices. IoT is not really inspiring to old people.

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The one thing designed to set them free from the system and the boomie generation opposes. Totally goes against their thought process. Literally their whole life has been a government handout…