Anyone here willing to do paid consulting on cryptocurrency & mining?

Hi everyone,

I am looking to invest 50K plus into mining. I’ve already got 15K worth of miners up and running. Although I’ve been following cryptocurrency and mining for quite a while, and I’ve carefully run the numbers and projections, there is still a lot that I do not know.

-How long do these ASIC miners tend to last? How much maintenance is required on average once set up?
-How likely are we going to hit a bear market in cryptocurrency? What’s the most that profitability could go down over the next few years? Particularly for mining Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Z-cash.
-How long will mining be around for? Do creators and managers of cryptocurrencies have a long-term plan for miners from big to small?

Certainly, if you guys would like to offer some wisdom here, I would very much appreciate it. But I am hoping to have a phone call or Zoom call of paid consulting with someone who is an expert. I’d love to speak to Mr. Vosk himself! But he is a rather busy man. DM me if you are someone or know someone who can help.

Part of this is that I am wondering whether my time, work, and energy put into this is only for the next few years, or something for the long haul. Am I just a worker or will cryptocurrency need miners so long as there is cryptocurrency?

Thanks guys,



Honestly it would all depend on the type of mining rigs you use like an Asic , gpu, water cooled. like anything the minors could be subject to failure from over heating over clocking, power failure. There are a lot of variables
The software used, solo mining, pools, fees… Most mining hardware usually last around 3 years.

Depends on how much risk you want to take…I have an angle…pm me…Voskcoin knows me…unsure if it is something you are into for crypto mining…but…it is what it is…


What’s the top secret angle, 007?