Anyone im Phoenix az doing mining?

If anyone’s willing to talk to me over messenger it would be a great help since my eyes have problems with the screen at the very moment if not I completely understand Messenger

I’m Tuscon az mining what’s your question

So how can u tell which asic miner well go up meaning in profit like when you look at an asic miner on and you look at A certain machine it will show its Max is 255T for that asic but knowing that asic not even doing half that right now how can you tell if that asic will go up and how is it that everywhere I look I see that the antminer s19 pro is the best but when i look at it doesn’t look like a good one I was trying to buy my first asic miner off of the trusted sites on but my money is in cashapp and I guess I can’t move it to coinbase that I have and I just found out I have to buy it with Crypto And the local place I could buy a asic miner from is charging about 1,500 to 1,800 more than what I see on line . I’m just trying not to make the wrong move

You can buy crypto with your credit card on trust wallet, or you can use some trusted sites like which accepts credit it card. Also other distributors accept wire transfer. Or just use

which shows trusted vendors, accepted payments check it out.

Talk with @badgerlandcrypto he can set you up with something that will fit you bill he also has great service and is us based

That’s @Smokey024! Happy to help in any way I can.

I tried ordering from 2 vendors from But after messaging them they said they don’t support cash app Or US dollar I would have to transfer it into my coinbase account and Do it that way

Truthfully I wouldn’t order anything from them. Only two I can recommend is Telegram: Contact @kaboomracks

@kaboomracks They are local I’ve seen them on Google maps didn’t know if they were good to go with but I guess local is a little better than over the net.

There legit I’ve gotten from them plenty of times

Good to know thanks