Anyone in on ETC mining pools ? A11 Pro

What pools are you all using with A11 Pro with the firmware update for ETC mining ?

I’ve tried ViaBTC and ANTPOOL

I know it usually takes around 30mins before it starts hashing.

My miner will show online but won’t hash, after 35mins to 45 mins it’ll go off line.

All hash boards are lighting up and power supply is good. I have this same issue with another A11 Pro also

Wanted to hear input of others if they have similar issue

Hi there,
are you mining a specific coin or profit switching?

Mine does the same when profit switching or with nicehash.
I believe its because when it changes coin it starts the tuning process again…

I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE if there is a workaround even contacting nicehash but no luck.

I’m mining on zergpool but choosing a specific coin.