Anyone know a "how to video" for Cardano Node?

My daughter is a 15 year old struggling painter / artiest, and she is interested in making her art into NFT’s. I know there are ways of doing this with ETH–possibly easier ways–but I’ve been buying a lot of Cardano. So, I did some research on how to make NFT’s with Cardano. It appears that I may need a Cardano Node.
Has anyone on here made a Cardanoa Node or NFT’s? How did you accomplish this? Thanks for any help on this matter.

I don’t know much about those requirements, but with this info I’d use for your daughter’s NFT (a few $$ in ETH) and stake your ADA for 5% in a wallet (i.e. Atomic or Exodus, etc).

I am staking my ADA with Crypto Capital Venture–CCV2. I found a Cardano blockchain based NFT minting website. For as low as 3 ADA, I can mint my NFT’s. After doing more research, I found is able to mint NFT’s, and it can be done free of charge. There is so much information out there.
If anyone else is interested in making NFT for the cardano network, here is the website I used: Mint a NFT or Token On Cardano