Anyone know when AirDrop from Gitcoin Round 9 will be?

Has anyone who donated in the Round 9 of the Gitcoin grant received an AirDrop yet? Or has it already happened? If not, does anyone know when it’ll happen? I can’t seem to find anything on it really.

I made sure my MetaMask wallet is linked up to it. But in the account settings the other day, I noticed their was another section to put in an Eth payout address. I hope this wasn’t something I was supposed to have done from the beginning and now missed out because of it.

Can anyone shed some light on this? Thanks guys

Join Airdrop news sites that monitor announcements and either check email or if you can tie your cell phone to certain emails then you’ll get the heads up faster. Drops go fast but if they require buying more coin then not as fast. Thus far I see nothing from the news I get. I get a half dozen or more so I loaded 3 I can remember. Download Telegram because a lot of drops are announced there and there’s a way to get news on the phone too. Beware the telegram will drive you crazy at times too, they like to have fun with teasing announcements to drive traffic.

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Thanks for the info. Yeah I finally did get word of the gitcoin r9 drop that I was asking about, and it sucked hard lol…like less than 100 SATO :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: which last I checked was valued at a whopping $0.06 hahaha what a joke

I got some sato too, total dud and the fees make one to ignore for now. I join everything just in case. This site listed some new coins but most are subscribed by now., they list ICO and IEO’s.

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Man that donation ended up paying off after all lol i wish i had donated more!