Anyone ordered Futurebit BTC miner?

Hi Guys I just orders the futurebit miners 1x main and 2x miners just the usb versions. Futurebit were telling that ROI is not important etc. However, I can imagine that people would like to see some ROI. What do you guys think? Is it better to mine other BTC algorythm coins?

Your not going to mine much with the equipment there are selling

Just got 1 main and 1 mine delivered. I’ll let you know if it is making any coin for me in a bit.

I just received two of them, one has been syncing to the blockchain for 48 hours. The other is for sale for the price I paid for plus $200 plus $10 a day from the day that I bought it to compensate for the 3090 that I should have bought when I bought both of them.

My ROI will be upfront.

I learned from fucking with Nebra … time is non refundable. Especially during that dip we just took!

Do these actually work or not?