Anyone place orders with Just A Bit of Coin LtD

I have been working hard and tirelessly with this along with others and have found a team w/ solution

Anyone that has placed any orders with Just a Bit of Coin/ him that failed to get their orders or refund back, please contact Paula and let her know and tell her Mike sent you. She will help the process with all of us that have been in similar situations

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Yes, I am planning on contacting the GA State Attorney General about this scam business. I learned about him through this site. He used to advertise having miners for sale here. I ordered and paid for mine > a year ago and have received neither the miners nor a refund. I still have all my texts with Steven Drawdy.

Save all that and contact Paula about this also

Who was the scamming account?

It has been quite a while since the last update on Just A Bit Of Coin. Has everyone received their refund or equipment? From what I can tell, Steve is still in business and has expanded his website. I thought the police had amassed sufficient evidence to shut him down.

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Hello I pursued it with a attorney and I was added with a group of others involved, with the help of my attorney and shared with the others that got involved we was able to get in contact with the FBI, steve has been arrested in November 2022 without bond due to his abusive relations to his dad and uncle which added to his case with JABOC and it’s under a big case while he is locked up.


Thank you for the quick update! I hope money Steve took from customers has been retrieved and returned to those he stole from but it may take a while. This idiot thought he was untouchable. Good on you, MrMike, for getting this ball rolling.

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Just got a call from an FBI case worker, Jacob Hagen, asking me to contact him regarding Just a Bit Of Coin. Looks like old Stevie has really stepped in it. Anyone else get a call from Jacob?

I talked with Hagen back in November and December 2022 when I got a legal team involved along with the others that were involved as buyers that got in contact with them to move the case forward.

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There is someone from the FBI trying to get ahold of me as well …I’m sure it’s about this as I was scammed as well. Call is out of Augusta FBI center but I didn’t get a name because I wasn’t available at the time.

I got recent updates with the situation if interested I can give you my number to call me at