Anyone running a Chainlink Node?

Hey I am on day one of looking into running Chainlink node. Seems fairly complicated. Anyone on here doing it actively?

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I would love to know more about this myself I found a guy on youtube who posts about it constantly but all he does is confuse me chainlink looking really good right now

Yeah seems much more complicated that just kicking off a docker image and some other clicks.
I watched a couple videos where you need redundant systems including LINK node, DB, and ETH Full node… I really hope the returns are there.

is there anyway to mine LINK besides running a node?

Do you have any links about this. I’m interested to learn more. If its worthwhile I’ll take a look at scripting and containerizing it.

I haven’t fully dug in yet myself. I an looking for a project that I can run from home but so far reading through the discord chat and looking at some videos it appears that Chainlink has some very high availability requirements which forces most everyone to use VPS.
So not trying to get into an argument or debate about the theories of blockchain/defi/decentralization but if everyone is just running these nodes on VPS then is it really decentralized in nature when most nodes are on centralized AWS/GCS/etc.?

It appears that you need three systems - LINK node, a DB node, and a connection to a full ETH node (either centralized or your own). Then they want everything redundant for high availability. Hence, the reason everyone just does VPS.

Here are the links I used so far:

I have a server at home so I feel I could make it happen without having monthly VPS costs.
I really would like someone who has one actually running to jump in here.

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Sounds like docker-compose may be the answer. dappnode will probably have it soon if it works with an eth node.

They have a docker version and someone even did an arm version for Pi I heard.

I’m with you Meatymouse,I’d love to learn more. I read good things about Chainlink and in turn I invested,first buyin was at $4.25,next big buyin was $3.11 and sold a bunch @$3.65 to pay for my machine so I can start converting some of the earnings to link. But if there’s a high end link miner,I might raise a brow to it if it puts out numbers like the c1 pro. This is so awesome IGTBA. Good trinkets are coming after May so lets get it…

thats the main thing I don’t get about chainlink is it proof of work of proof of stake? or is it neither because it is an oracle and something completely different from normal crypto? IDK i think i need a link tutorial lol