Anyone Use Compass Mining?

Does any one have direct experience with Compass?

What I like about it is that I’m living in Puerto Rico, but energy on islands are expensive, so I need a colocation to run my miners.

I also interested in the long game, my business does quite well and my most profitable investment, but I’ve gotten to a point where I more cash than I can reinvest.

So I’m looking for something that takes as little attention as possible and I can continue to focus on my primary business while letting my miners run without worrying about very much.

One of the primary reasons why I’m choosing mining over other ways to invest in crypto.

Curious to hear any ones experience!

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I purchased one Antminer S19j Pro from them, scheduled to be online by the end of next month.

I also ordered two Antminers L7, scheduled to be online by Janiary 10, 2022.

I will give more updates as of how mining with Compass is going with me, as soon as I get the miners online.

So fingers crossed!

:crossed_fingers: :grin:

How do you set it up

You don’t, Compass Mining will have engineers that will setup the miner up on your behalf.

You would send your pool information to them via e-mail, and they will set it up for you.

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@SUNYNKA Please do let us know how it goes! Very jealous of the L7’s. I have S19j Pros scheduled to come online in April 2022.

My S19j Pro was rescheduled to be online by Oct 31st, so hopefully they will send me that email for me to send my F2Pool Info to the engineer. (I will keep you updated on that.)

My 2 L7 are currently scheduled to be online by Jan 10th 2022, so lets see how that one plays out…