Anyone Want to Sell a GoldShell LB-Box?

Unlike the prices on eBay and the descriptions that say it’s sold out (at least with PSU), the price is $519 w/o PSU (which I don’t need) on Goldshell’s site. Not looking to rip anyone off, but if I can do better (including shipping) I thought I would ask here, especially if you’re not using it or not into the ROI, depending on what you paid (the $399 folks were lucky).
Must be working, like new condition, blah, blah, blah. But it will be through a third-party payment system (I’ll pay the fees) to protect both parties.
And I’m posting this since the BTC value is down and I’ll have to give GS more BTC. If I do a transaction here, it’ll be in regular old stinky US dollars.

I just made a little calculation on mine and see that it makes me only 6 cent Euro a day. That is 7 Cent USD a day.
The residential electric is very expensive over here. And it will become even more expensive soon.
At the moment 30 cent Euro ~ 35 cent USD.
Just assuming the conditions would all remain as they are, my ROI will be in 6568 days, or 18 Years. :dizzy_face:

If you are willing to pay the miner and forwarding costs, give me a PM

I have to ask… Where are you mining? And are you on the latest firmware?
Aside from electricity, my calculations are very different from yours.
I would like to see if I can help you first. Then talk price.

I am in Germany. The firmware has nothing to do with this.

It is just that the present price of the LBRY is to low to accumulate the local power cost. If you go to asic miner value and set the power cost accordingly, then their calculation is even worse.

My calculations do not even include the repair cost necessary due to DHL.
If the price of the LBC will go up, then it may look different.

Edit: just put the price of today in. Sets the ROI up to 25779 days :see_no_evil: