Anyone willing to sell me some bitcoin/eth

Hey guys, I’m from Barbados and Im very interested in trading. I’m new to crypto but im pretty sure my options for buying crypto are 0. Credit card purchases are instantly declined on all the exchanges I’ve tried so far. I’ve also heard from friends that they are getting blocked as well.

Banks here are REALLY hating on crypto right now and they simply won’t allow you to use their services to buy any.

Is there anyone in here who has solved a similar problem/knows a work around/ willing to sell me some of their own btc/ help me out in any way on a consistent basis?

Any guidance is greatly appreciated :pray:

buy vea bank transfer not vea card.kucoin have option to transfer vea bank transaction like normally daily payments

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also you have option buy mastercard prepared card and jsd to buy crypto you have meany ways to buy crypto if your bank decline paymens.dont like payment options buy miner and mining

Some excahnges take wire transfer. Is that also blocked? will let you trade with many options but the best trading value you can probably get is about 0.85 to the dollar