Apollo BTC pre-order is open

My transaction is pending…

Get in there if you are looking for one of these.

Happy hunting!

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Can’t find any information on profitability for these - sorry about the noob question, but are these OK to consider if I’m just getting into mining?

I am a noob. Terrible profitability at $1.50 or so per day but it is also a node and wallet so I am excited to learn. It is also quiet so should let me test the waters with noise and my wife. :slight_smile:

I have a mini-DOGE coming (free from contest) and a Bobcat as well. If I was only doing one as a first miner, I’d do the Bobcat. But like I said, I am a TOTAL noob and jumping into the deep end to teach myself.

Same here - I was hoping maybe someone with a bit more experience can post on this and explain why something like Apollo BTC would be a decent investment (especially if I’ll have to wait for it for almost 2 months)


Super noob myself, been checkin this out and seems like it is something cool if you beleive bitcoin price is going up in the future and also want to get into a somewhat simple way to mine. Looks like it profits 30 cents a day with btc at 32k.

What is the current profitability of Apollo BTC?

Does anyone know when the next batch is?

On their website, they show 2 additional connected to the main (node) one.
Can you use a USB hub and plug more than ttwo?