Are 1060 3gb Not Viable?

I have a GPU miner with 10x EVGA 1060 3gb. I built it in 2017 but haven’t ran it much since. Because crypto is a hot topic I was curious about running it again. I’ve gotten mixed feedback saying I wouldn’t be able to mine ETH anymore due increased difficulty, can someone please verify if this is true or explain why this is the case now?

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The DAG size of ETH just hit 4GB. 3GB cards can NOT mine ETH for quite some time now. But there are plenty of other coins you can still mine, like ETC, EXP or UBQ.
Here’s a link to the current DAG sizes for different coins.
I would mine ETC or EXP, but exchanging them might be a bit of a challenge.

Just put it on Nicehash! It will mine the most profitable coin for you

Thanks for the insight, it does not look like they will make much profit now that Ether is out of the picture.

It may seem like they don’t make any profit, but imagine the price of Bitcoin going higher ? They still make a profit ! I would use them, until there is no more coin to mine (if you can afford the electrical costs).

UBQ is friendly but not sure how much it pays now vs difficulty…