Are GPU Vbios virus’s a thing?

Hey guys,

So I just bought 2 Amd Rx 580 8gb cards used off of ebay for $60. There was no description other than the generic one ebay has saying condition is “used” which means it should be in working condition. The seller has more than 10 left, but I only bought two out of concern. I will include the link down below, but my question is whether or not people can load a virus onto vbios to look for wallets or ruin your rig. I saw one forum said this was possible, but I’m not sure. I had to buy because if its a good card thats a killer deal, and if not I have an ebay money back guarantee. I’m concerned that it could be preloaded with a virus and that’s why the price is so cheap. I know this is rare, but I’m doing my due diligence. Thanks everyone!

I’ve came across some listings that seemed kinda too good to be true. Same scenario, good price 10+ in stock(during the current situation). I’ve wanted to buy one but I didn’t bite the bullet yet. Let me know what happens to you. If you even get the cards at all or whatever. I also think i noticed the accounts will disappear the next day.

If anyone else has knowledge on this please reply too.

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I tried to purchase a card with a similar deal as this. The next day the lister was no longer on ebay.