Are SyncroBit and SPNA Helium Hotspot Miners a SCAM?

Helium mining is the most profitable form of passive income right now, but mining Helium is only profitable if you actually get your Helium hotspot miner and Syncrobit and SPNA are not shipping quickly…
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Are Syncrobit and SPNA Helium Hotspot Miners a SCAM? and SP North America gained a lot of traction with new Helium miners because and SPNA both projected their Helium hotspots miners to ship in April and then May when other manufacturers like Bobcat and Rak CalChip were projecting longer shipping estimates but now it’s been MONTHS and most HNT miners who ordered Syncrobit Helium gateways and SPNA HNT mining rigs still have not received their mining rigs?! Syncrobit was the only approved Helium hotspot manufacturer with official Helium Inc. approval that agreed to create a limited edition VoskCoin helium miner for us, but unfortunately, that has been delayed heavily as well. When will the Syncrobit and SP North America white-labeled helium hotspot miners ship, if ever, and are they scams??? Well, that’s what this video is entirely about…

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:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
00:00 Are SyncroBit & SPNA miners a scam?
01:28 Helium manufacturer growth over a year
03:31 Why SyncroBit has received so much negativity
06:12 DePocket is your one-stop multi-chain DeFi dashboard!
06:54 SyncroBit miner & VoskCoin edition updates
08:28 Why SyncroBit has been a failure
11:04 Trade crypto and commodities with PrimeXBT today!
13:10 Helium miner manufacturer updates
13:55 Should you request a refund for SyncroBit miners?
15:07 Helium Inc. failing to verify manufacturers effectively
16:22 SyncroBit VoskCoin edition update

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Are SyncroBit and SPNA Helium Hotspot Miners a SCAM?