Are there any coins I can and should mine with my Macbook Pros?


I’ve never mined before but have a couple of Macbook Pros sitting around.

Is there anything I can mine that would be worth setting them up?

You can mine if you want, but it is NOT PROFITABLE

CPU mineable coins are Monero,Loki,Wownero etc.

You can try out staking or masternodes, but initial investment is required.

If you have extra HDDs lying around with unlimited internet bandwidth, check this out

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Great, thanks for letting me know my options.

So not profitable, check.

I’m watching Vosk’s review of fhe Goldshell HS1-Plus, looks like I could use my Mac to drive one of these.

You are late actually…

This product got launched in August

No worries you can buy it now, but the profitability has decreased

In crypto, as time goes, difficulty increases, block reward decreases, profit decreases