Are There Any Verified Sellers on VoskcoinTalk?

Whats up everyone. Ive searched and cant find much on the pages regarding this topic so i figured id start up a new topic. I know a lot of us are new and looking to start mining. We are all looking for a way to get miners and as fans of vosk we come here thinking its a safe place to buy. My question to all of you is this. Who has bought miners from some of dealers on here. Who can give vouches for them, what have you bought, and how was your transaction? Ive recently purchased from Master3004 (still waiting on my miners) and had a lot of conversations with Aaron Raycove (havent purchased from him yet). Who else is on here that sells a lot of miners and how was your experience with them.



Just noticed cryptominernv. Has anyone bought and received miners from him?


I made a purchase from Master3004 as well. Ordered a KD Box. I ordered on Dec 8th and have been told it will probably be a month before I get tracking. Busy time of the year

Good to know Tommy. I ordered mine on Nov 28th and was given the same time frame-ish. Spoke with him tonight and he confirmed they come from supplier direct to us.

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Not to be pessimistic here but waiting a month for a miner to be shipped is not a good news…It doesn’t even take the manufacturers that long to ship the miners and I’m almost 100 percent sure that the vendor he uses isn’t as busy as Bitmain or Goldshell. This means that the vendor does not have the miner in stock and needs to search for one below the price you paid. i never heard that it would take that long unless this is a pre-order.


You can also ask @Aaron_Raycove, but i personally have never dealt with a vendor who said it would take him/her a month to ship a miner unless this was a pre-order.

Well I will keep you all posted


I just got into mining and wanted to order my first asic, after doing research i went with master (reading peoples reviews on here they said from order date to receiving was only 2-3 weeks). I have now been waiting for over 3 weeks with with no response for a few days after asking for an update. If i knew it was going to take that long i would have ordered elsewhere tbh.

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Is the supplier located in the US or do they ship from elsewhere?

Few things to remember:
-holiday season mess with logistic
-international shipping is more erratic than within a country
-shipping range from my experience could be 1 to 5 weeks (manufacturer direct, ebay, and online resellers). Ebay was the quickest but also the most expensive, usually within 1 week after payment (for continental 48 states).

There is a post of all the verified online resellers (you might have to do some digging).


Ordered s19jpro miner from my supplier for my friend who lives in Atlanta on December 17th, received shipping notification on December 20th, received picked up notification from DHL on December 22nd, Scheduled for delivery on the 28th. Overall time frame from order date to delivery date is approximately 10 days (including weekends). Even if it takes an additional couple days for an actual delivery, as long as the miner is in the USA, I’d say it is a win in my books.


Muskminers in South Dakota have a legit business insured and everything Tell them Colby DuPont sent you they will get you a s19j pro any model and help with setup too also they are building out a hosting facility by EOY

@ak47 his supplier is in China. He is based out of Georgia USA. his supplier dropships directly to the customer.

I think the confusion most of us have experienced is that we bought from a list that either said “pre order” or nothing. Reading that, we assumed that the items that didn’t say pre order were In stock When in fact they weren’t.

From what I gather, when we place an order, he turns around and then places an order with his Chinese supplier. Then he hast to wait for them to get to the actual product, and then ship it to us. We were all under the impression that the only wait would be from the logistical nightmare of international shipping during Christmas time. Appears that his suppliers dont have the actual inventory yet. This would not be a problem if that was actually communicated.


Your vendor needs to make it clear to you before you place an order. He/she needs to make sure you understand what you’re ordering is a “preorder” product beforehand. If the list doesn’t specify anything, then buyers automatically assume that the products they order are in stock. Anyhow, like I said before, unless this was already discussed between the seller and the buyer “before” he/she placed an order, it shouldn’t take that long for the items to ship out.


@jtasters welcome to the discussion. Please read all of it to get caught up and then add your thoughts experience

I don’t think you guys have to worry about master3004… he stood behind his word with me and I can respect a man that will still do that.


I bought a ckbox from cryptominernv. I got it in 2 days. he only sells what he has in stock.

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Thanks for the add Tommy! For some backstory I also placed an order with Master on Nov 27. I trusted the recommendation of others on the Vosk discord.

Tommy you say that it appears his suppliers dont have the actual inventory yet but it doesn’t appear that way from his videos of his testing.

I got a bunch of videos too. But from I have gathered his supplier is waiting for a shipment of 100 miners so they can then drop ship them to us.

Yes I am also confused by the videos of hundreds of miners being tested when I am being told they do not have them in stock yet.

He told me it will probably be after Christmas before my KD Box ships. I will give him that and wait. My only concern was with the confusion around the whole process.