Are these scam or ligit?

Hi all New to this site and trying to find my way around , If i have incorrectly posted this please let me know how and where it should be posted.

I have had an email sent to me from VoskCoin
saying the following : Hey Nicholas, how are you doing? If you don’t mind sharing, where are you from? Might this be your first miner?

The E9 hasn’t been released: you can check for the E9. Write them to confirm if you can pre-order one.

If you want a miner in stock, you can go with the innosillicon a10 pro 720mh 7gig. Makes an estimated daily revenue of $60 and retails for $12900 presently.

Sure looks like a scam. Smells like it too.

Vosk will never email you asking for money.

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