Are those rigs good for begginer

Hello everyone.
Thank you in advance for your time.

So i have 2 deals for rigs in locally .
1 -

  • Sapphire AMD RX 570 Gaming 570 4G * 8pcs
  • Asus PRIME H270-plus
  • 3 x 600W
  • Celeron G3930
  • SSD WD Green 120GB
  • Crusial 4GB DDR4
  • PSU Cooler Master G750M
    For 650-700 euros
    2 -
    With 6 *RX 570 4G
    For 450-460 euros
    I know after month or so 4G will not mine but i think i can buy 1 card with 8G for DAG files.

What do you think it is good deal ? Or should i buy new 8gigs cards. Rigs has no warranties.

The single 8GB card trick will not work when the DAG gets to 4GB. You would have to mine something else. I wouldn’t buy a 4GB rig right now.

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Thank you for information. So i will wait little more.

RedPandaMining’s video and ETC may suggest lower DAG sizes coming up. 3/4 gb cards may yet be profitable but it is a big IF.

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4gb you can mining on nice hash and get pay in btc or mining rvn or any non profitable coin