Are you guys getting a lot of spam messages saying you won crypto?

So far I’ve gotten spam messages about and (they’re the most polished looking sites … anyway).

They say you’ve won crypto, to make an account and claim it. But on their rules on how to withdraw, it says to “verify” the external wallet by making a .015 btc (or equivalent in other crypto) withdrawal from the account you want to transfer the funds to-to their exchange.
Pretty fishy. And for me/some of us, .015 BTC isn’t an amount to scoff at.

Maybe someone here knows or could figure out how to back door that. There’s a slight chance it could be real, but also a much bigger chance of them being fraudulent as it’s my 5th day in a row receiving spam messages via discord (among VoskCoin users). Lol.

Is that even a thing, to verify an external account in that manner? I don’t really think so. Especially since they want you to use Google Authenticator and other KYC usuals.

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You should never have to pay to get your funds…don’t trust something like that. Listen to your gut, don’t fall for some scammer bs.


Personally I have not
Ignore ignore ignore.
And block.
Ignore the nft airdrops too
One more time: ignore and block! Haha fk the bot and scammer armies
Doge 2 moon

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@Chsear11 appreciate your input, sir.
Yeah I have zero moolah to play like that. Have too many older miners eating up my dirty fiat. Lol.


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bro I got same message. check site looks exactly same as they’re scammers. first thing that seems fishy to me was that I can stake btc. so I asked how I can stake etc which is proof of work. and reply was: Our site has never engaged in fraudulent activity. If someone received a negative experience while working on our site, the support service will always help to find a solution to make the client satisfied. We will first of all consider any complaint and try to find a solution. don’t trust this. their order book shows same amounts on trades when u wait for a while.

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