Are you mining Siacoin or Handshake? HS5

Picked up a few HS5’s. Just curious on what the majority of y’all are mining Siacoin or Handshake? Thanks in advance for the help

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Started with HNS, then a month later decided to get a little SC just because. After a month I switched back. It’s making more money $$ today in HNS than SC. But a month ago they were almost the same $$ daily. HNS has gone up more in the last month I guess.

For me I liked having a little of both so I’ll probably flip back and forth every few months depending on how the coins do.


Mining for Handshake right now but would switch if Sia coin comes up and is more profitable. Anybody found a pool that with auto switch it?

SC 100% - using lot less power and easier to use/convert coin if needed (it’s going straight to my wallet)
I switched to HNS for a few days at the beginning, but the unit was running very hot even inside my climate controlled grow tent, so I switched back to SC.