ASIC and cold weather

I have heard a lot about heat mitigation but is there such thing as too cold? With winter coming up I have some asics set up in my garage. It’s insulated but not heated. Coldest parts of winter get sub zero. Garage stays above freezing most of time but can get pretty cold. I did read something about the chips can get brittle if not warmed from very cold temperatures slowly or they can crack.I assume they would be fine if kept running but would have to be careful if they shut down and got really cold. Makes sense to me just wondering if anyone had any experience with this. I’m just getting started and don’t want something to dumb to happen

I ran an Antminer s9 in an unheated garage in north dakota through the winter. The miner worked the same as it did during the summer, except fans are barely running sometimes so its quieter and i would guess that draws less power.
everynow and then I would need to reboot, but it wasnt any more than other parts of the year. never had an issue starting them up from cold.
I treated my s9 terribly, and it is still running. dusty/dirty places, never cleaned it until recently, because the fans were stuck on high with all the dust blocking airways. after the cleaning, it works like new (same hashrate), just wish it still made what it used to in 2017.

The fan only uses like 5-10watts so it doesn’t really make a difference

I think you’d have just be careful of humidity.