ASIC Marketplace Concerns

I purchased A KD5 ASIC miner from ASIC Marketplace on the 16th September and paid via Bitcoin using the Coinbase Commerce link sent to my email.

I sent a receipt and my order was confirmed and moved to “processing”

Before paying, and asking about availability I was told “we still have few units available but price has changed to $13699” which is what I paid.

Now, weeks later I’m being told there are delays in the miner being sent from the manufacturer and there is a holiday in China till the 7th October but “we will make sure you will feel happy working with us. So please don’t worry about it.”

Well, I am worried about it. I spent a lot of money, for something I was told was “available” and that to me means “In stock” so it should have shipped in 48-72 hours as they advertise. Instead, here I am, losing profits every day I wait for the next story…

If the miner arrives soon, I’ll update this message with a positive review as it may not be the fault of ASIC Marketplace, but for now, I am not very happy at all.

I’ve seen quite a few people say they were scammed by Asic Marketplace… I hope you don’t join that list. I CAN confirm tho that there is indeed a holiday in China; Not saying they are or aren’t scamming you though.

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I would wait a bit more before you take any action with them, I do understand you spent alot of money but I was in the same boat not as much as you but I brought a miner from them not to long ago and it arrived yesterday. It took about a week to get a shipping confirmation so I was a bit concerned but everything arrived in good shape

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Thanks for that, I also notice all other suppliers have no stock. I’m just frustrated as I was told it was available.

I didn’t know that what that means in their language is it has been pre-ordered by them but not yet delivered to them.

My sources show no KD5s in stock, they are pre-order for November. Not they’re fault, but it sounds like they’re not telling you the truth.

I just purchased a GOLDSHELL KD BOX, looked like everything worked. About 45-60 later got an email it was canceled. The Bitcoin has been taken out. I emailed them, but no response yet. Sure hope it gets credited back.

The same thing happens to me. I emailed them a few times and they replied back that they got my payment through coinbase. I have since received my tracking info. They for some reason cancel the order until they get the Bitcoin

OK, Good news!

The Miner arrived and is installed and working.

Very stressful time waiting, I guess just the lack of communication and not knowing or understanding the process the first time is quite nerve racking! I think in future I’d ask more questions about timing of delivery and if the miner is actualy in stock before paying for it.

Happy to hear you got your miner. I understand it is nerve wrecking especially after spending more than 10K on a miner. I imagine this is the way they do business. It’s sort of different than the western culture. Also, you have to understand these guys probably get 1000+ emails everyday. Most likely, they are understaffed.